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this is it

this is the exact moment i sold my soul to this show

and the pilot wasn’t even over yet

do you see our problem

that smile took my soul and ate it.

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I hope one day
you wake up
and this world
does not feel
like a prison cell.
I hope one day
you never
want to go back
to sleep because
the world feels

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How can I ask anyone to love me when all I do is beg to be left alone?



do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

this is my chance

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Fuck yeah to the kids who feel like they’re dying inside but still gather up the strength to roll out of bed, get dressed, and leave the house. You are strong and beautiful and worth so much more than you know. 

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i want to kiss you and hug you and hold you and play with your hair and sleep with you and make you laugh and stare at you and play games with you and make you win on purpose and cuddle with you at night and eat breakfast with you and then eat lunch and dinner with you and i wanna listen to music with you and cry with you and watch dance videos with you and go to class with you and duel blog with you lmao i dont know i just want to do fucking everything with you

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Lemony Snicket

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If you have ever lost someone very important to you, then you already know how it feels; and if you haven’t, you cannot possibly imagine it.


when u like the boy but ur friend is prettier so he likes her

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